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Opened in the fall of 2010, Hamilton Health & Fitness is located in the beautiful tree-lined neighborhood of Hamilton Park; an often sought out area of downtown Jersey City.

With its cool white interior and its environmentally friendly philosophy, Often referred to as "the cleanest gym in Jersey City", Hamilton Health & Fitness delivers a spa-like, all-inclusive wellness experience unlike any other.

Hamilton Health & Fitness features all the fitness amenities such as a pool, group classes, weight room, cardio equipment, yoga, Pilates, steam room, and sauna. Hamilton Health & Fitness also has several certified Personal Trainers that are available to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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7AM, 8:30AM, 10AM, 11:30AM

4:00PM, 5:30PM, 7PM


8:30AM, 10AM, 11:30AM

Masks required.

We practice social distancing.

HHF is sanitized after every reservation.